Ёлектронный журнал  ибернетика и программирование - є1 за 2015 год - —одержание - список статей - ISSN: 2644-5522 - »здательство NotaBene
Cybernetics and programming
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Contents of Issue є 01/2015
Knowledge bases, intelligent systems, expert systems, decision support systems
Kamaev V.A., Voronin Y.F. - Comparison of the knowledge representation methods based on a production model and a a network of semantic structure for search for the causes of defects in castings pp. 1-15


Abstract: In article the methodology of the qualitative analysis for decrease in marriage of castings is considered. The methodology place in a complex molding quality improvement means is given. The automated stages of defects identification methodology, identifications of the reasons their emergence and ways of elimination are described in detail. The algorithm of methodology of the qualitative analysis of defect of casting is presented. The article shows examples of process of identification of defect with use of visual and logical schemes. The stages of the search of the reasons and ways of elimination of defects of castings on the example of a light gas sink are shown. The place of the automated systems of the analysis of defects of casting within a complex of systems of improvement of quality of molding is considered. The automated atlas of foundry defects which is carrying out a role of help system at a choice of a way of elimination of defects is reviewed separately. The functionality of the atlas and structure of its database is described.
Le V.N. - Mechanism of inference a diagnostic solutions in remote medical diagnosis expert system of preliminary diagnosis pp. 16-26


Abstract: The article describes an approach in management of diagnostic solutions inference in a medical diagnosis expert system. The study reviews the features of the software implementation of presented models and algorithms. The author proposes a combination of the reverse and direct inference for diagnostic solutions. At reverse deduction requesting new information from the patient requires generation of additional questions on the leading symptom. At the same time, the direct inference allows calculation of the output integral estimates of detection of possible diseases at the onset of symptoms. To output decisions under uncertainty the Mamdani fuzzy model is applied. The author proposes a RETE-network for generating a diagnostic solution in a reasonable time. The described mechanism of inference a diagnostic solutions has the following advantages: it allows the direction of reasoning on the most promising ways of obtaining a diagnosis  and determines the correct order questions on leading symptoms; it allows the diagnosis under uncertainty in information on symptoms and does not stop though the diagnostic decision may not be accurate; it allows to set a preliminary diagnosis in real time and makes a conclusion in a reasonable time after the symptoms have been entered.
Software for innovative information technologies
Borodin A.V., Biryukov E.S. - The practical implementation of some algorithms related to the problem of number composing pp. 27-45


Abstract: Among combinatorial algorithms of additive number theory the algorithms of the algorithms for listing compositions of natural numbers have a special place. On the one hand, ideologically, they are among the simplest algorithms in mentioned theory. On the other hand, they play a huge role in all applications somehow connected with the polynomial theorem. In recent years, due to the rapid development of the general theory of risk ideas underlying the polynomial theorem were involved to in the challenges of risk measurement in homogeneous systems of high dimensionality. Solving these problems requires providing mass listing compositions numbers of fixed length and calculating the amount of such compositions for sufficiently large values of both number and the length of composition. In these circumstances, the most urgent task is in effective implementation of these algorithms. The presented article is devoted to the questions related with the synthesis of efficient algorithms for listing the compositions of fixed length and calculating the amount of such compositions. As a methodological base of this study authors use certain facts of set theory, approaches of theory of complex algorithms, as well as some basic results of the theory of numbers. Within this paper, the author propose a new efficient implementation of two algorithms: algorithm for listing all the compositions of fixed length based on the idea of multiset representation of the number partitions and algorithm for calculating the amounts of the compositions of given kind, implemented without involvement of high bitness machine arithmetic. The article shows not only an estimate of the complexity of the proposed algorithms but also presents the results of numerical experiments demonstrating the effectiveness of the implementation of the algorithms discussed in the VBA programming language. 
Mathematical models and computer simulation experiment
Kormilitsyn A.Y., Skorubskiy V. - Model of endocrine subsystem and calculation of injection parameters pp. 46-60


Abstract: The human body is seen as an information system. An endocrine subsystem is selected for the study. The authors use data on the level of sugar in blood to calculate it’s dependencies for healthy patients as well as for patients with second type diabetes during control intervals between injections. Authors propose a generalization in a form of mathematical model for autoregulation of these processes in endocrine system using natural internal and medical external injection of insulin and glucose. The model should be used for calculating time intervals between possible critical states of patients and parameters of external deflection compensation of concentration (the intake of dietary carbohydrates and insulin injections) to maintain the normal state of patient. Dependencies of the concentration of sugar in the blood that define the state of endocrine subsystem can be presented in form of continuous exponential graphics with typical monotonous increase and decrease. This allows suggesting the dependence of the control law as a polynomial with coefficients which are specified in real time at the control points. The use of interpolation and extrapolation help to predict the nearest glucose concentration level in the blood based on the accumulated data measured by portable glucometers and, most importantly - to predict extreme states of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia and perform an approximate calculation of parameters of external insulin and glucose injections. The article present a new model of human endocrine subsystem for diabetes and gives recommendation on use of injections to maintain normal life. The described model is simple and can be efficiently used for controlling the state of patient and calculating the parameters of the external injection (the intake of dietary carbohydrates and insulin injections) for maintaining a normal state using available mobile measurement and evaluation means.
Rozhentsov V.V. - Assessment technology for evaluating abilities of distance perception and evaluation pp. 61-66


Abstract: Perception and evaluation of distance is possible both in monocular (one eye) and binocular (using both eyes) vision.  In the latter case, the distance is estimated much more precisely. Questions of perception and distance estimates are relevant in hiring employees in different specialties, such as motor vehicle drivers, surveyors, experts in the field of engineering graphics and graphic activity. These abilities are especially important in physical education and sports, particularly in games, martial arts and orienteering. The article proposes a method for evaluation of distance perception using a camera and computer-controlled light emitters placed on a flat surface. Light emitters create two light spots on the surface. Examinee is placed in the middle of the line drawn through the centers of the light spots. Software randomly changes the area, the direction and velocity of the light spots during a predetermined time. Examinee evaluates the transformation and movement of light spots and moves to stay in the middle of the line going through the centers of the light spots. The transformation of the light spots and movements of the examinee are recorded, the video then analyzed by software that calculates the middle point, the examinee’s location and the arithmetic mean of the calculated distances. Using the arithmetic mean the examinee’s ability of distance perception and evaluation is judged. Known methods of evaluating the perception of distance uses a static position of the examinee and are less useful in the professional selection for various activities, including sport. The proposed technology is aimed at assessing the perception of distance as a result of motor actions of the examinee, which is typical for many activities.
Systems analysis , search, analysis and information filtering
Dimitriev Y.V., Lagoiko O.S. - Structural system analysis of information flows in ergonomic design of aircraft pp. 67-76


Abstract: The study is devoted to a topic of information support design for aircraft. The object of the research is information flows in ergonomic design of aircraft. The purpose of the study is optimization of data collection and processing at ergonomic design of aircraft. To achieve this purpose the authors use the methods of structural system analysis to generalize and to systematize accumulated experience in information and logical modeling of the data collection and processing during seminatural ergonomic researches of the aircraft with extensive use of advances in information and telecommunication technologies. Research methodology: structured systems analysis in the domain of information and logical modeling of the processes of data collecting and processing in the ergonomic design of the aircraft. The main result of the study is in developing an information-logical model describing the structure of the data collection and processing during the ergonomic research on seminatural simulation complexes. The results provide forming a holistic view of the transmission  formation processes, processing and storage of data during ergonomic design of aircraft, automation of processes of preparation and experimentation, allowing making a special software for optimal time of aggregation.
Question at hand
Borovskii A.A. - Prospects for the use of machine learning techniques in processing large volumes of historical data pp. 77-114


Abstract: In relation to the problems of development of information-analytical platform “The history of modern Russia” the author researches analytical capabilities of the modern methods of machine learning and perspectives of its’ practical use for processing and analyzing large volumes of historical data. The article reviews different strategies of applying machine learning techniques taking into account peculiarities of the studied data. Special attention is given to a problem of interpretability of different types of results, obtained using the machine learning algorithms, as well as the ability to recognize trends and anomalies. As a methodological basis of the research the author uses a theory of information systems, database theory, induction, deduction, comparative, systematic, formal logic, and other methods. The author concludes that the algorithms of machine learning can be used to effectively solve a large class of problems, related to the analysis of historical data, including finding hidden dependencies and patterns. It is noted that establishment of large-scale digital repositories of evidence of historical events makes it possible to examine and analyze the data as a specific time series allowing to investigate the change of state of the social system in time.
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