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Viewing a map with zoom and navigation elements
Magomedov Abdulkarim Magomedovich

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics

Professor, Department of Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science, Dagestan State University

367000, Russia, Dagestan, Makhachkala, ul. Gadzhieva, d. 43-a



This article gives a schematic view of a map of the region, customizable for various scale images selected from the list of maps of the region. The article discusses two problems: the map zooming and computation of shortest paths. The author considers the following problems: viewing of any raster image maps with minimal changes to existing software and finding the shortest path between two inhabited localities specified interactively. To solve the first problem the coordinates are recalculated ("zoom"). To solve the second problem the article considers "preparatory graph" with the vertices of two types: temporary - in sequential points along each selected highway, and permanent - in the points of intersection of highways. Edges of the graph are formed by the segments that connect adjacent points along each highway. At the end of one of the known algorithms for finding the shortest path in the graph is used. Stored arrays of temporary intermediate vertices are used for visualization of the found the shortest path.

Keywords: map of the region, scaling, shortcut, coordinates, canonical map, preparatory graph, Dijkstra's algorithm, temporary vertices, permanent vertices, graph of roads



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

Akho, A. Postroenie i analiz vychislitel'nykh algoritmov. Perevod s angl. / A.Akho, Dzh. Khopkroft, Dzh. Ul'man. – M.: Mir, 1979. – 536 s
Negol's A.V., Piskova A.V. Sistemy opredeleniya mestonakhozhdeniya // NB: Kibernetika i programmirovanie.-2013.-4.-C. 46-50. URL: http://www.e-notabene.ru/kp/article_9357.html
Borovskii A.S. Modeli otsenki zashchishchennosti potentsial'no – opasnykh ob''ektov ot ugroz s ispol'zovaniem ekspertnoi informatsii v nechetkoi forme // NB: Kibernetika i programmirovanie.-2013.-4.-C. 14-45. URL: http://www.e-notabene.ru/kp/article_9593.html
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