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Cybernetics and programming

Positioning systems

Negol's Aleksandr Valer'evich

PhD in Technical Science

currently unemployed

197101. Saint Petersburg, prosp. Kronverkskii, 49, lit.A,

Piskova Antonina Vladislavovna

PhD in Technical Science

197101. Saint Petersburg, prosp. Kronverkskii, 49, lit.A,




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Abstract: This paper describes the principle of operation of GPS satellite navigation and reviews the positive and negative aspects of such systems. Authors note that GPS identification - identification of a navigator in space – is calculated by constructing a circle with a radius equal to the distance between the satellite and the receiving device. User location can be determined with an accuracy of up to one meter, with the help of auxiliary identification subsystem containing data about satellites ‘orbits. The paper gives the positive and negative aspects of navigation. All the results of researches held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology show that in the XXI century the private life of every person has certain limitations. If it is necessary to have a reliable system of identification, everyone must be prepared for the fact that information about a location of a person can be accessed by someone without authorization.  Hence the development of improved systems of data protection is requires as well as promoting their use among ordinary users.

Keywords: GPS, navigation, identification, privacy, location, security system, satellite, Google, smartphone, base station
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

Хрусталев, Д. GPS – взгляд изнутри. Спутниковая навигация и принципы построения приемников GPS и ГЛОНАСС / Д. Хрусталев // Компоненты и Технологии. 2001 №6. С. 7-10.
Самойлов, А. GPS на земле, на воде, в небе / А. Самойлов // Капитан – Клуб. 1999 №2. С. 15-17.
JuliaЮ Angwin. Apple, Google Collect User Data. The World Street Journal, April, 2011.
Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye,César A. Hidalgo,Michel Verleysen, Vincent D. Blondel. Unique in the Crowd: The privacy bounds of human mobility. Scientific Reports, March, 2013.
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