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Recognition of Partially Masked Group Point Objects by Most Similar Local Description of Their Form
Krevetskii Aleksandr Vladimirovich

PhD in Technical Science

Head of the Department of Computer Science, Volga State University of Technology

424000, Russia, Marii El, g. Yoshkar-Ola, pl. Lenina, 3
Chesnokov Sergei Evgen'evich

PhD in Technical Science

Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Volga State University of Technology

424000, Russia, respublika Marii El, g. Ioshkar-Ola, pl. Lenina, 3, of. kafedra informatiki
Abstract. Group point objects (GPO) are multitudes of isolated background-contrasting dots united by one common feature. Many apps use a method of mutual arrangement of group point objects. Implementation of well-known methods for recognizing GPOs gets difficult when an observer has only part of GPOs constituting one of famous classes within his or her sight. Possible deviations of point objects from their standard positions additionally complicate the task to recognize partially marked GPOs. In their research the authors perform recognition of GPOs based on most similar local description of configuration with adjacent elements of GPOs. Cylindrical sections of the abstract vector field with sources in GPO elements and restricted scale of long-range interaction are used as local descriptions. Local descriptions of GPO configuration are viewed as discrete complex-valued codes. The module and argument of each reference correspond to the strength and direction of the vector field action. Similarity of such description of forms on the basis of the dot product module ensures invariance to GPO observation angle and does not depend on GPO shift in picture. Recognition features prove efficiency of the reviewed method for recognizing partially masked GPOs in a practically significant scope of random fluctuations in GPO element coordinates. 
Keywords: vector field, analysis of point scenes, spatial compactness, recognition of group objects, point field, associate solid image, cylindrical section of the field, group point object, invariance to rotation, complex coding
DOI: 10.7256/2306-4196.2016.6.21445
Article was received: 17-12-2016

Review date: 20-12-2016

Publish date: 21-12-2016

This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here.

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