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Algorithm for combining sensory and synthesized video information in the aviation system of combined vision
Bondarenko Maksim Andreevich

PhD in Technical Science

Researcher, "GosNIIAS"

125319, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Viktorenko, 7
Abstract. The subjects of the research are techniques for combining sensory and synthesized video information in appliance to the aviation system of combined vision. The use of such systems allows controlling manned and unmanned aerial vehicles under conditions of low visibility by combining video information from on-board camera with video data synthesized by a priori given virtual model of a terrain. It is known that on-board navigation system measuring the position and orientation of the aircraft has accuracy errors because of which the angle of the synthesized image on a virtual model of the area does not match the foreshortening of shooting onboard cameras. This is why a procedure for combining sensory and synthesized video information in the aviation system of combined vision is needed. The study was conducted with the use of mathematical and computer modeling of combined vision systems using both synthesized and real images of an underlying terrain. The novelty of these results lies in the universality of the developed algorithm. This algorithm allows combining video content with an arbitrary data along with the possibility of its practical implementation and high quality combining. Developed algorithm for combining sensory and synthesized video information on the basis of typological binding and Kalman filtering provides a sufficiently precise and reliable combining that meets the minimum requirements for the aircraft systems combined vision. The algorithm is universal, has low demands to the scene recorded images, has low computational complexity and can be implemented in hardware and software based on modern avionics. When testing the algorithm the authors used precision characteristics at the level of consumer navigation devices which significantly inferior in accuracy compared to modern air navigation systems. This indicates the possibility of using the algorithm in inexpensive and compact user systems, as well as in mobile robots.
Keywords: algorithms, vision systems, a virtual reality, combining images, virtual model of the terrain, man-machine interfaces, aviation systems, airborne avionics, combined vision systems, synthesized vision system
DOI: 10.7256/2306-4196.2016.1.17770
Article was received: 30-01-2016

Review date: 02-02-2016

Publish date: 11-02-2016

This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here.

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