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Cybernetics and programming

Automation of genetic similarity and genetic distance calculation using Nei criterion

Kazakov Mukhamed Anatol'evich

junior researcher, Institute of Applied Mathematics and Automation

360000, Russia, respublika Kaardino-Balkariya, g. Nal'chik, ul. Ingushskaya, 9, kv. 48




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Abstract: The subject of the study is the problem of automation of genetic similarity and genetic distance calculation and building phylogenetic trees. The object of the research is the sequence of drives (alleles) in the arms of polytene chromosomes. The author considers in detail the chromosomal characteristics of species with seven chromosome arms by the example of chironomid mosquito (genus Chironomus). This article presents a Chironomus 1.0 software solution with a simple, intuitive user interface allowing to easily calculate the distance and genetic similarity between populations. The software is developed using C# and implements Nei method to calculate the genetic similarity and genetic distance. The special contribution made by the author in the study of the theme is in significant simplification of genetic studies relating to the calculation of genetic similarity and genetic distance using Nei method. The novelty of the research is in creation of a software product that allows to easily calculate the genetic similarity and distance for all types of populations with seven chromosome arms.

Keywords: genetic distance, genetic similarity, computing automation, programs, Nei method, genetics, phylogenetic trees, chironomids, polytene chromosomes, software
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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