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Cybernetics and programming

Robotic informational construction for kids

Lavrent'ev Boris Fedorovich

PhD in Technical Science

Professor, Volga State University of Technology

424000, Russia, Marii El, g. Ioshkar-Ola, pl. Lenina, 3

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Abstract: The article reviews a of creation of simple, low-cost and highly successful   robotic constructions made in the form of a fairy tale and epic heroes and its usage in kindergartens, in cultural and medical institutions with a view to a comprehensive education and development of children. Such robots, unlike the existing models, are highly informative due to the large internal memory. This robots help upbringing the child, instilling the communication skills and forming the correct behavior. The proposed class robots don’t exist among modern models. The robots created by children have external, internal and combined controls and external sensors and are made in form of fairy tale heroes. When used in children's institutions the robots will contribute to the comprehensive development and education of children, improving the efficacy of the treatment, lowering psychological stress, promoting the artistic and aesthetic education of children and rules of good behavior. The authors plan to carry out exhaustive research on the impact of information robot designs to the full development and education of children in preschool, cultural and medical institutions. The scientific novelty of the work is in the fact that it is proposed for the first time to form a separate group of children's fairy tale heroes-robots for childcare, health and cultural centers. The presented robots are characterized by low cost and high efficiency, great functionality through the use of internal, external and combined controls, external sensors, and a large internal memory.

Keywords: kids, modeling, radio, automatic control, robot, information and computing systems, development, education, fairy-tale characters, software
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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