Статья 'Создание тематической информационной базы статистических источников по экономической истории: цифровой ресурс и опыт его верификации' - журнал 'Историческая информатика' - NotaBene.ru



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Historical informatics

Information Base of Economic History Statistical Sources: Digital Source and Its Verification

Akimov Anton Viktorovich

Director of Government Relations, Joint-Stock Company "Kordinat"

115054, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Valovaya, 26, of. 7

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The article describes the creation and the structure of the information base covering statistical sources related to the history of Russian pipe industry in the late 19th – early 20th centuries, reviews the sources used, justifies topicality of the study and briefly characterizes pipe industry in this period. The author names four stages characterized in terms of their content and interrelation of elements, the presence of quantitative values and their analysis. The article gives examples of schemes for creating different tables that make up the basis of the resource as well as specific examples of their structure. The research novelty is the goals set and the way they are achieved. These have not been addressed by historians before as far as the industry, the chronological and territorial framework and some other parameters are concerned. Moreover, the use of mass statistical material in such a form is clearly individual and unique. In particular, the thematic digital information resource created which demonstrates operating rates of individual plants and the branch as a whole does not have analogs and can be further developed in accordance with the parameters introduced. In total, this resource consists of 25 Excel files containing 181 917 numerical values of which 73 591 are the values of sources the resource is based on. The methodology suggested for the creation of such an information base and analysis of its data can be considered a new approach to the source study of digitized mass statistical sources. 

Keywords: Market indicators, Performance indicators, Pipe industry, Ferrous metallurgy, Early 20th century, Verification, Digital resource, Information base, Statistical sources, Workforce structure
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

Akimov A.V. «Zheleznaya promyshlennost' Yuzhnoi Rossii» kak istochnik po issledovaniyu trubnoi promyshlennosti nachala XX veka // Istoricheskii zhurnal: nauchnye issledovaniya. — 2018.-№ 4.-S.71-84. DOI: 10.7256/2454-0609.2018.4.26614. URL: https://e-notabene.ru/phzni/article_26614.html.
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