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Historical informatics

Audiovisual Archives in the Internet. Part One: “In the Beginning Was the Word …”

Yumasheva Yuliya Yurijevna

Doctor of History

Yumasheva Yuliya Yuryevna – Deputy Director of "DIMI-CENTER"

105264, Russia, g. Moscow, bul. Izmailovskii, 43

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The article is the first part reviewing audiovisual archives and presentation of their collections in the Internet. In this series of articles the author will deal only with audiovisual documentation on transparent (film) or specialized media. In case archival collections include born-digital audio recordings, photos, video films and video fragments, this will be stipulated in particular. The first article studies audio archives and collections that can be conventionally divided into several categories. The first one is musical archives containing records of folk music, classical music and popular music; radio archives. From a historical point of view, reports and interviews are of interest in these collections as they reflect history of everyday life and mentality of contemporaries of historical events. The second category is audio archives of research centers studying ethnography, anthropology, oral history, memorial (personal) history, linguistics, etc. The research methods are historical and systemic, historical and comparative, historical and typological as well as historical and descriptive methods. The study is a historiographical review of the current state of audiovisual information archives in Russia and abroad and presentation of their collections in the Internet. Finding aid, digitized collections, permanent electronic expositions and thematic online exhibitions are a small list of forms to present audiovisual information.

Keywords: scientific reference, edison cylinders, schellac, oral history, memorial archives, audio archives, radio archives, musical archives, audiovisual archives, online publications
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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Shellak-prirodnaya smola, proizvodimaya samkami ryada nasekomykh-chervetsov. Do 1948 g., kogda byl izobreten vinil, yavlyalas' osnovnym materialom dlya proizvodstva gramplastinok.
Voskovoi valik (ili tsilindr) — audionositel', ispol'zovavshiisya fonografom T.Edisona.
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