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Suzdalskiy Uezd in the Late 18th century: GIS-Mapping of the Territory Population and Development Processes
Chernenko Dmitrii Anatol'evich

PhD in History

Associate professor at Hisroty of Russia in the 19th-Early 20th Centuries Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University 

E-425 kab., 4 korp,  27 Lomonosovskiy pr., Moscow, Russia, 119192

Abstract. The article characterizes the use of GIS-technologies in historical and geographical research based on statistical and cartographic sources of the late 18th – middle of the 19th centuries. These materials born by the process of General Land Surveying in the Russian Empire provide for mapping and analyzing economical and demographical processes on the micro level: uezd – vladenie (possession) – rural settlement. The research object is a spatial network of rural settlements and possessory dachas of Suzdalskiy Uezd of Vladimirskaya Guberniya – a territory in Central Russia that has long been developed. The main research aim was to carry out total mapping of the uezd. The article demonstrates the opportunities of combining data of the Economical Notes to the General Land Surveying of 1770s-1780s with those of 1850s Mende Atlas, describes the principles of attribute-value table formation and arrangement of GIS-layers by the research topic. The result of the work is a series of thematic maps demonstrating the main parameters of the region’s development in the late 18th century. These are population density, settlements network density and their size, arable land development degree. The results show that these indicators significantly varied even within a relatively small uezd territory. This allows the author to structure it into different northern and southern districts contrasting even as far as their development is concerned. 
Keywords: historical geography, agrarian history, environmental history, history of Vladimirskiy Krai, socio-economic history, rural settlement, historical demography, history of Russia, historical information science, GIS-technologies
DOI: 10.7256/2585-7797.2017.4.25057
Article was received: 21-12-2017

Review date: 21-12-2017

Publish date: 29-12-2017

This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here.

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