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Space Research

U. S. commercial space legislation of 2015 and the questions of modernization of the international space law

Popova Svetlana Mikhailovna

PhD in Politics

Leading Scientific Associate, Institute of Socio-Political Research of Theoretical & Applied Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences

119333, Russia, gorod federal'nogo znacheniya Moskva, g. Moscow, ul. Fotievoi, 6, of. 1

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This article is dedicated to the analysis of the situation that emerged in the international space law due to the U. S. November 2015 legislation on commercial space launch competitiveness. This work analytically generalizes the key expert opinions and legal positions of the lawyers from various countries, formulated into an answer to the new law passed by American legislators, in order to assess the possible impact of this national bill upon the status and prospects of modernization of the current system of international space law and its basic principles. The author concludes that due to its historical nature the basic principles of international space law, established between 1960’s-1980’s, cannot always give an unambiguous answer to the new questions and challenges that emerge in regards to the drastic changes in the world as a whole, and the global space activity in particular. This is indirectly confirmed by the abundance of legal discussions pertaining to interpretation of various general principles for the purpose of implementing them in the new historical context. The increase of technological capabilities in space exploration and growth in the number of competitive players of the “space race” leads to the need to reform the international legal regulation in this sphere.

Keywords: Moon Agreement, Outer Space Treaty, Commercial Space, USA, International Law, Space Studies, Space Policy, Space Law, Asteroid Mining, Celestial Bodies
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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