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Space Research

The phenomenon of the SpaceX as a challenge to the international space market

Payson Dmitry Borisovich

Director of the Information Research Center, United Rocket and Space Corporation

121059, Russia, Moscow, Naberezhnaya Berezhkovskaya 22




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This article is devoted to the research of the latest changes taking place on the international space market, as well as the new challenges emerging before its major players, including U. S. and Russia. The main attention is given to the analysis of the peculiarities of the strategy and work of one of the most unusual “players” in the modern space economy – a private American corporation SpaceX, which not only sort of challenged the current tradition in this area, but also actively influences the process of its institutional renovation. This work assesses the influence of the “SpaceX phenomenon” upon the institutional environment of the space economy on the national (United States) and global scale, upon trends of development of the global space activity, and national space “agenda”. Although the examined phenomenon is an endemic product of American system and the experience of SpaceX is unlikely to be transferred in an unchanged form into other national jurisdictions, the work of the corporation is objectively becoming the drive of development of the space market as a whole. The new U. S. model of relations between the state and the private sector in the space sphere is currently significantly ahead of any analogues of the Old World, and thus, this experience requires meticulous studying for the purpose of transferring valuable results.

Keywords: SpaceX, Elon Musk, Commercial Launches, NASA, USA, Space Policy, Space Market, Space Economics, Public-private partnership, Strategic Planning
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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