Genesis: Historical research - номер 7 за 2020 год
Genesis: Historical research
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Contents of Issue № 07/2020
Cultural heritage
Kozyrenko N.E. - Russian Harbin: architecture of the mansion of P. I. Gibello-Socco pp. 1-11


Abstract: The subject of this research is the architectural and style peculiarities of the mansion of P. I. Gibello-Socco. The object of this research is the private residence of P. I. Gibello-Socco build in 1919 in the area of a New City. The author examines the relevance topic – disappearance of the Russian architectural heritage (destruction, demolition, aggressive reconstruction) in Harbin, and possibilities of preservation of architectural landmarks in a large metropolis. Therefore, special attention is given to the questions of studying historical objects built in the early XX century (history, natural observations, measurements, current state) and their reconstructions via methods of stylistic and compositional environmental adaptation. This would allow preserving the Russian heritage abroad. The main conclusions lie in preservation of not only historical objects, reconstruction of interiors, but also restoration of their environment. The results of studying the architecture of disappeared objects of the Russian Harbin period allow conducting a fragmentary reproduction of an authentic historical environment of the city in the township “Sunny Island”. The author’s special contribution consists in examination of the objects of Russian culture, development of restoration projects, identification of disappeared constructs and their façade reconstruction. The novelty lies in description of architectural and style peculiarities of a historical object, which serves as the basis for reconstruction of P. I. Gibello-Socco’s mansion.
History and Economics
Zadorozhnyaya O.A. - River companies of Ob-Irtysh water basin (1860-1918): forms of pool of capital pp. 12-24


Abstract: The relevance of this research consists in the fact that modern historical literature describes an overall picture of evolution of business companies, although prevalence and peculiarities of organizational-legal form demonstrates the level of development of economic relations in the Russian Empire in a time of capitalist modernization. The subject of this research is the organizational-legal forms of river companies of Ob-Irtysh water basin over the period from 1860 to 1918 as an independent factor in development pf capitalist relations. The goal of this work is to determine the main forms of organization of river companies of Ob-Irtysh water basin, considering attraction of family and “borrowed” capital. In the course of this research, the author applied the method of modeling of commodity-money relations of Ob-Irtysh water basin, which allowed revealing the dynamics and specific characteristics of development of entrepreneurship in a separate region. The method of historical-comparative analysis illustrated the trends of choice of one or another form of pool of capital, considering the combination of family, geographical, economic, social and administrative aspects. The research results display the dynamics of distribution of various forms of business companies in the sphere of river transportation in Ob-Irtysh water basin, which describes a more objective picture of commodity-money relations in Western Siberia. The presented materials can be utilized in studying particular business companies of Ob-Irtysh river system as an institutional paradigm. The scientific novelty and conclusions lie in determination of the forms of organization of river companies of Ob-Irtysh water basin in accordance with the Russian legislation. This allows tracing the dynamic of emergence of steamship companies due to retention of strong influence of family ties in the business world.
History of law and state
Pletnikov V.S. - pp. 25-38


History and Politics
Ermolaeva E. - pp. 39-50


History of science and technology
Borisova N. - pp. 51-73


Culture and cultures in historical context
Khatanzeiskaya E.V. - pp. 74-85


History of ethnicities, peoples, nations
Gunaev E.A. - pp. 86-100


Issues of war and peace
Vlasov A. - pp. 101-111


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