Genesis: Historical research
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Contents of Issue № 02/2019
Personality in history
Butovskiy A.Y. - Matvey Aleksandrovich Sulkevich. Life history of the Lieutenant general of the General Staff of Russia; his military-scientific and social activity (June 20, 1865 – July 2, 1920) pp. 1-18


Abstract: The object of this research is one of the key personas in history of the Russian Civil War – Matvey Aleksandrovich Sulkevich. The subject of this research is the explication of the beginning of life path of the future prominent General, his career advancement, complicated process of acquiring experience in the military-professional activity within the context of scientific and publishing activity of the scholar. The author examines the biographical details of M. A. Sulkevich, his scientific-military and social work, assessment of the vector of activity of the General, and development of his personal values. Using the source analysis and biographical method, the author qualitatively processes the biographical information from the reference material in the prerevolutionary annual publications, reminiscences of the comrades, as well as the history of Sulkevich’s military service. The scientific novelty consist in the fact the author is first to determine within the extensive biographical material the two discernable vectors in the scientific and publishing activity of M. A. Sulkevich; one of which was related to the military career of the prominent General, future Chief of the Crimean Regional Government. His brilliant education received in the Voronezh Cadet School, Mikhailovsky Military Artillery and General Staff Academy, as well as participation in the Russia-China and Russo-Japanese War and Chinese expedition against the Boxer Rebellion cemented the reputation of M. A. Sulkevich as one of most skilled military experts of the Russian Empire.
Salekh A.A. - Political portrait Yasser Arafat pp. 19-27


Abstract: This article analyzes the activity of the leader of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement Yasser Arafat. Leaning on the Russian and foreign sources, the author examines the process of establishment of Yasser Arafat as a politician, analyzes the benchmarks of his political course, as well as Arafat’s impact upon the Arab World and the rest of the world. The article demonstrates the various points of view upon the activity of Yasser Arafat, because some consider him a terrorist, while the Palestinians call him the “chief”, who made an indisputable contribution to the development of the non-existent state of Palestine. Using the historical-biographical approach and methodology of narrative history, the author determines such traits of Yasser Arafat, which made him the leader of his nation, as well as analyzes the factors that impeded the successfulness of the political course of Y. Arafat.
History of law and state
Menshikov M.S., Yusupov R.G. - Development of the Bashkortostan Higher School of Law in the context of national historiography of the Russian reforms of 1991 – early 2000’s pp. 28-37


Abstract: This article is dedicated to the question of historiographical mastery of the topic of state policy of the Republic of Bashkortostan in the area of modernization of the higher legal education at the turn of the XX-XXI centuries. The goal of this research lies in substantiation of the scientific significance and relevance of conducting a comprehensive historical study that reveals the process of institutionalization and activity of the system of the Bashkortostan Higher School of Law in the context of contemporary history. The subject of this research is the establishment of national historiography of the higher legal education in Bashkortostan. The authors examine several problematic and thematic levels of historiosophical material – from general questions of state educational strategy to the history of particular universities and their departments. The scientific novelty consists in the analytical overview of national historiography of state policy in the area of the Bashkortostan Higher School of Law at the turn of the XX-XXI centuries. It is concluded that in the late 1990’s – 2010’s there have formed the body of scientific literature that comprises the theoretical and factual basis for the emergence of objective representations on the historical experience and the results of development of the professional education in Russia within the framework of contemporary history. At the same time, the topic of modernization of the Bashkortostan Higher School of Law did not receive proper coverage in the historical research. Therefore, the study of historical experiences of implementation of state policy with regards to the development of higher legal education in Bashkortostan during the 1991 – 2000’s is a relevant scientific task, which solution is maintained by the historiographical, archival, and published historical sources.
Historical sources and artifacts
Shiller V.V. - pp. 38-51


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