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Contents of Issue № 07/2017
Philosophy of history, historiography, chronology/source studies
Demina I.A. - General A. N. Pepelyaev’s “Yakut revolt” (1922-1923) in the Russian and emigrant historiography pp. 1-9


Abstract: This article provides separate results of examination, which was carried out by the author over the period of 2014-2017, on the poorly studied aspects civil war on the territory of Yakutia. The subject of this research is the analysis of the events of General A. N. Pepelyaev’s “Yakut revolt” presented in the Russian and emigrant historiography. The “Yakut revolt” became the final episode of civil war in Russia. Military operations have lasted from September of 1921 until June of 1923 in Ayano-Maysky District of the Russian Far East. Methodology of this work is based on the principle of historicism, systematicity, and objectivity, as well as historiographical approach. The scientific novelty is defined by the fact that this work is first to conduct a comparative-generalizing study of the sources and literature that belong to the three directions of historiography of the “Yakut revolt”. The author substantiates the need for further development of historiography on this matter using the potential of the emigrant literary sources, modern Russian historiography, and research of the contemporary writers and journalists dedicated to the life and work of General A. N. Pepelyaev. The results acquired during the course of this research play an important role in examination and deeper understanding of the events of civil war in Yakutia, as well as can be applied in preparation of the special courses on the history of civil war in the Russian Far East in 1921-1923.
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