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Genesis: Historical research

The Main Tendencies of Faith in Christ (Religious Essay)

Arapov Aleksandr Vladilenovich

Doctor of Philosophy

associate professor of the Department of Ontology and the Theory of Knowledge at Voronezh State University

394006, Russia, Voronezh, Universitetskaya ploschad 1

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The article is devoted to one of the movement in Russian religious sectarianism that is usually called 'faith in Christ' or 'Khlyst's movement'. The author of the article describes the main sects that are usually related to the 'faith in Christ' movement including 'God's People', 'Postniks', 'Old Israel' and 'New Israel'. The author gives an insight into their religion and history. Each movement was created based on the preceding movement. Most of the followers started to follow the new movement but the old movement also continued to exist. The author gives examples of their religious literature and describes the main forms of their mystic practices. The 'Faith in Christ' movement is viewed as the expression of the two tendencies typial for the Russian religion. Firstly, it is the focus on emotions when emotional mystic experience takes the central place and the internal state of mind and spirits is more important than the ritual. The second feature is the desire to see Christ in a new human (a spiritual leader). Of course there are not the only tendencies in Russian religion. There have been some opposing tendencies as well but they have been practiced by other religious communities. 

Keywords: Chemrek, Old Israel, Postnik, Khlysts, faith in Christ, sectology, religious studies, New Israel
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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