Статья 'Долговые иски в волостных судах Барнаульского уезда Томской губернии: происхождение и распространенность в судебной практике (конец XIX — начало XX в.)' - журнал 'Genesis: исторические исследования' - NotaBene.ru
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Genesis: Historical research

Execution for debt in the volost courts of Barnaul districts of Tomsk governorate: origin and incidence in the judicial practice (late XIX – early XX centuries)

Gordeeva Mariya

PhD in History

Junior Scientific Associate, Institute of History of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

630090, Russia, Novosibirskaya oblast', g. Novosibirsk, ul. Nikolaeva, 8, of. 313




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The subject of this research is the judicial practice of the volost courts of Barnaul district of the Tomsk governorate in the late XIX — early XX centuries. Minute books of the volost courts, which contained records on the claims, testimony of the parties and witnesses, and court decision, served as the main source for this research. Fine and comprehensive record management made allowed applying historical-systemic method, which revealed the mechanism of functionality of the volost courts. The use of content analysis allowed determining the priority of the questions under review, classifying debt enforcement by the types of undischarged obligations, reconstructing the level of legal consciousness of peasants, and assessing the effectiveness of the peasant self-governance. It is established that litigations on obligations default held second place among all cases in the volost courts, which indicates wide applicability of the practice of “seeking truth” not in the rural society, but the official institutions. Based on introduction of new sources into the scientific discourse, the author concludes the spread of debt enforcement is related not only to increase of currency circulation in everyday life of peasants, consolidation of the practice of estimation of things, and getting paid for work, but also with the crisis of trust-based relations within the rural community.

Keywords: history of Siberia, legal awareness, justice, debt lawsuit, judicial practice, volost court, rural society, peasant community, self-government, history of Russia
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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