Статья 'Специфика государственно–правовой политики в период гражданской войны в советской России (1918 – 1920гг)' - журнал 'Genesis: исторические исследования' - NotaBene.ru
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Genesis: Historical research

Specifics of State Policy During the Period of Civil War in Soviet Russia (1918 - 1920)

Nikulin Viktor Vasil'evich

Doctor of History

Professor of the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law at Tambov State Technical University

Russia, 392000, Tambov, str. Sovetskaya, h.106

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The article is devoted to the specific features of state policy implemented by Bolsheviks during the Civil War. The author defines the followin specific features of the policy: political intimidation in the form of terror, collective punishments, legal extremism. Are analyzed practice of their application, conditions of emergence and long-term consequences for formation of the Soviet it is state - legal policy as complete concept.
Influence of civil war on formation of "the military and Soviet legal culture" which found reflection in made legal decisions and methods, as a whole in legal policy is traced. The thesis that the role is right in the conditions of the solution of the main task - "protection of revolution" locates, became minor and in the organizational plan completely included in the party and state system. The author comes to a conclusion that the main feature is state – legal policy there was an intimidation in the form of terror. Terror became defining method of preservation of the power when the law is replaced with fear and violence, the main components of policy of intimidation.Work is written generally on regulations and archival documents a material therefore it can be used when developing scientific subjects, when writing articles and monographs, and also in the course of studying of training courses "History of state and law of Russia", "History of political and legal doctrines" and other training courses

Keywords: revolution, deterrence, terror, repressive authorities, law, law-enforcement activity, legitimacy, punishment, corporate responsibility, state policy
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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