Статья 'Завершающий этап борьбы за независимость Сирии: международное обсуждение эвакуации иностранных войск (1945–1946)' - журнал 'Genesis: исторические исследования' - NotaBene.ru
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Genesis: Historical research

Final stage of the struggle for independence of Syria: international discussion on evacuation of foreign troops (1945-1946)

Bershov Vladimir Nikolaevich

Postgraduate student, the department of Modern and Contemporary History, V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University, Taurida Academy

297630, Russia, respublika Krym, selo Nizhnie Oreshniki, ul. Bryanskaya, 28




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The subject of this research is the final stage of the struggle for independence of Syria (1945-1946). The article explores the “Anglo-French Agreement on Near East” of December 13, 1945, as well as the response of Syrian society to its conclusion. The author reviews the discussion in the United Nations Security Council  that took place on February 14-16, 1946 regarding the question of evacuation of foreign troops from the territory of Levant , as well as the results of decisions accepted in the UN Security Council that affected the attainment of independence of Syria. Moreover, the article analyzes the final stage of negotiations between Syrian, British and French governments, which led to evacuation of foreign troops from Syria on April 17, 1946. This event resumed the result of French mandate control in the country. The conclusion is made that the “Anglo-French Agreement on Near East” of December 13, 1945 became a breakthrough moment in the struggle of Syrian nation for independence. After it has been signed, the protest movement in Syrian cities reached its heights, forcing the government of Levant to propose it for consideration in the UN Security Council regarding the evacuation of foreign troops on February 14-16, 1946. Although no resolution has been adopted, the question received an international resonance. Under the international pressure, Britain and France had to withdraw their troops in April 1946. This marked another – Syrian – chapter of decolonization of Asian countries. The mandate system was left behind.

Keywords: UN Security Council, Agreement, Evacuation, Struggle for independence, England, Lebanon, France, Syria, Government, Foreign troops
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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