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Genesis: Historical research

Participation of aviation in combating the uprising in Tambov Governorate (January – August 1921)

Bezai Oleg Vasil'evich

Educator, the department of Tactics and General Military Disciplines, Krasnodar Higher Military Aviation School of Pilots

397160, Russia, Voronezhskaya oblast', g. Borisoglebsk, ul. Chkalova, 18, of. a




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This article examines the role of aviation of the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army in the course of suppression of the Tambov uprising in 1920-1921. The subject of this research is the participation of aircraft of Air Defense Forces in military operations against the peasant rebel. The authors explores such aspects of the topic as the usage of aircraft for aerial reconnaissance, as well as use of military airplanes for destruction of the enemy through ground attacks and bombing. Special attention is turned to the actions of the flight crews aimed at displacement of the rebels from the town of Rasskazovo captured by the detachments of guerilla army of the Tambov region on April 11, 1921. Based on the pilot reports, the author determines the content of military missions, as well as establishes the causes and consequences of emergency landings. The newly introduced into the scientific discourse archival documents allow detecting the character and effectiveness of combat missions, as well as rebels’ response to the actions of “Red” aviation. The conclusion is made that the military aircraft was used for locating and destructing the guerilla forces through bombardment and machine-gun firing. Military pilots collected information on dislocation and size of the rebel forces, as well as dropped propaganda materials over the “rebel” villages. The examined materials demonstrate that the air attacks did not inflict significant damage to the enemy, but rather produced a strong psychological effect on guerillas and local population.

Keywords: cavalry, aerial reconnaissance, pilot, aviation, insurrectionists, Tambov uprising, airplane, bombing, emergency landing, combat mission
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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