Статья 'Роль и значение международной неправительственной организации Институт международного права в XIX веке' - журнал 'Genesis: исторические исследования' - NotaBene.ru
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Genesis: Historical research

The role and importance of international non-governmental organization the Institute of international law in the nineteenth century

Tret'yakova Ekaterina

PhD in Law

Associate professor at Perm branch of the National Research University 'Higher school of economics', PhD in Juridical Sciences

614070, Russia, Permskii krai, g. Perm', bul. Gagarina, 10, of. 204

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The article is devoted to the study of the role and value of Institute of international law (international non-governmental organizations) in the development of international legal regulation in the nineteenth century. The author identifies and describes some of the prerequisites for the formation of these institutions, as well as characterizes the mission of the organization, lists the range of issues discussed at the meetings of its sessions. Special attention, as demonstration of theoretical and practical importance, is given to the issues of extradition of criminals, which were developed by the Institute of international law, are part of the decision on the issue. The role and importance of the Institute of international law in the development of international legal regulation is being formulated. The study analyzes the work of the Institute of international law, which is based primarily on the data that testifies to the results of activity of the examined structure of private law published in the pre-revolutionary publications. The scientific novelty of this research consists in the historical analysis of the international non-governmental organizations, particularly the Institute of International Law that remains insignificantly studies in modern research. The main conclusion of the study consists in the following: in the second half of the XIX century there has been established an extensive system of international non-governmental organizations that contributed to the development of international law. The Institute of International Law was of special importance for the development of international law due to the fact that it united the leading experts in this area. During the course of its work, the aforementioned institutions executed various issues, most relevant from the perspective of international legal regulation, which carries theoretical and practical character, as well as undoubtedly affected the content of the international law within the examined period.
Of particular importance to the development of international law was international law Institute, bringing together leading experts in this field. In the course of its work, the studied structure was engaged in a variety of issues, most relevant from the point of view of international legal regulation that had not only theoretical but also practical in nature, and have undoubtedly affected the content of international law in the period under review.

Keywords: Structuring of the world political system, International cooperation, International relations, International law doctrine, Development of international law, Extradition of criminals, Institute of International Law, International non-governmental organizations, XIX century, History of international law
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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