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Genesis: Historical research

The German legal education in historical aspect

Antropov Roman Vladimirovich

PhD in Law

Head of the Department of State and Municipal Law at Transbaikal Entrepreneurship Institute of the Siberian University of Consumer Cooperation

672086, Russia, Zabaikal'skii krai, g. Chita, ul. Leningradskaya, 16, kab. 414

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The modern classical legal education in Germany is a legacy of the Prussian model of judicial training, which in its development has repeatedly transformed, reflecting the political changes and the mood of German society according to the chronology of the historical development of the state. The importance of the study of the German legal education is predetermined by high achievements of the German legal culture, long-standing university traditions and huge intellectual potential of the German historical schools of law, it is impossible to ignore the reformatting of policy of Russia towards the European educational standards.However, for foreign publications, regarding the history of the German legal education, the certain deficiencies and fragmentariness are characterized, and the works of historians of law and comparativists of our country touch on this aspect only in very small degree. The author offers the reader the historical reliability representation about the system of judicial training in Germany in dynamics of its development, built on the basis of use of special historical methods (historical-comparative, historical-systematic, retrospective, synchronic and diachronic analysis and others).The results of the study can be estimated with a number of positions: historical-legal, political, academic and scientific-methodical.

Keywords: the Prussian model of education, the Heidelberg University, the first universities,, the value orientations,, formation and evolution, the legal education, Germany, educational process, the preparatory service (Referendariat), the educational reforms
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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