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Genesis: Historical research

Development of the Pre-Revolutionary Russian Legislation on the Protection of the Consumer Rights

Bogdan Varvara Vladimirovna

Doctor of Law

Docent, the department of Civil Law, Southwest State University

305040, Russia, Kurskaya oblast', g. Kursk, ul. 50 Let Oktyabrya, 94, of. 535

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Regulation of the relations with participation of consumers is of great importance for any democratic state as this sphere carries not only economic, but also national social character. Even in the most ancient time legislators sought to provide interests of buyers, mainly, controlling correctness of conducting trade activity. At the same time, during the pre-revolutionary period there were no the special norms providing responsibility of the seller just before the buyer. Laws of the Russian Empire didn't create consumer protection as independent institute of civil law, and only created its some elements. But these elements, mainly, formation of the right for quality, served a basis for further development of the norms protecting the rights of buyers. In the course of research by the author analytical, problem and chronological, comparative-historical methods which application to studying of the historical past provides the analysis of the occurring events in their interrelation and the corresponding concrete historical context were used. Scientific novelty of research is shown that the author shows influence of the theory and practice of pre-revolutionary protection of the rights of buyers for need of understanding of a harmonious combination (ratio) of public and private-law means, ways and forms of impact on the violator of the legislation on consumer protection in their modern value. The author comes to conclusions that the domestic pre-revolutionary legislation and the scientific doctrine didn't provide special norms on protection of the rights of the consumer; for the pre-revolutionary legislation governing the relations with participation of consumers the public nature is characteristic; prerequisites of understanding of consumer protection as the complex legal phenomenon connected with active state and legal regulation were created.

This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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