Статья 'Можно ли управлять прогрессом? Интервью В.А. Кутырёва А. Нилогову по книге «Время Mortido». ' - журнал 'Философская мысль' - NotaBene.ru
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Philosophical Thought

Is It Possible to Manage the Progress? Interview of V. Kutyrev by A. Nilogov Concerning the Book 'Time Mortido'

Nilogov Aleksei Sergeevich

PhD in Philosophy

associate professor of the Department of Humanitarian Disciplines at Khakass Technical Institute of the Siberian Federal University

655017 Abakan, Shetinkina 27 




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Abstract: A. Nilogov asks V. Kutyrev questions about his new book 'Time Mortido' published in 2012. These are the topics of Post-Modernism, dangers of uncontrolled technological progress, regeneration of the human spirit into artificial intellect and the temptation of immortality. Special attention is paid to the critics of transhumanism. The author flatly rejects the idea of accepting the mindless innovationism and opposes it to the traditional phenomenological philosophy of the lifeworld.  Most of the followers of the technoscience and philosophers who relfect their ideas are caught by the discussions about advantages of the progress. The interview also touches upon the definition of 'nightology' as the reflection of human tendency towards refusal from his own being.  A. Kutyrev suggests to limit the expansion of new technologies and not to support absolutization of technology, especially in the spiritual sphere.  A. Kutyrev also touches upon deconstruction of Derrida's logocentrism and refusal from the Word, language and meaning.  He also analyzes how these processes are reflected in the Russian and world philosophies. 

Keywords: Kutyrev, mortido, progress, innovatianism, technologies, post-human, transhumanism, culture, immortality, opposition
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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