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Philosophical Thought

The vector of socio-natural evolution: from global to geospatial sustainability

Ursul Arkadii Dmitrievich

Doctor of Philosophy

Head of the Center, Scholar at theof the Academy of Sciences of Moldova; Professor, Moscow State Univeristy

119991, Russia, Moscow, Leninskie Gory 1, building #51

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Abstract: The subject of this research research is the resolution of socio-natural contradiction, which consists in the fact that the growing needs of mankind are no longer satisfied by the biosphere, which can escalate into a planetary catastrophe. The resolution of this contradiction consists in the achievement of global sustainability that takes place in accordance with the certain “algorithms of development”, which opens horizons for a long-term and safer socio-natural evolution on Earth. The global world,  although becoming sustainable,  is not isolated from the space processes and factors due to the natural-spatial connection of the planet with its extraterrestrial environment, and even more so, due to the beginning of space exploration. Even the global world created in the future would not long endure without further sustainable space exploration; its longevity would require transition of the industrial complex in the outer space. Thus, the achievement of global sustainability will be accompanied by transition to an even safer type of evolution with focus on reaching geospatial sustainability. The further socio-natural evolution clearly indicated geospatial trend, which connects the vectors of global and extraterrestrial mainlines of sustainable development.

Keywords: socio-natural contradiction, global world, geocosmic world, global sustainability, geocosmic sustainability, development algorithms, social and natural evolution, universal evolution, sustainable development, Tsiolkovsky
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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