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Philosophical Thought

The problem of subjectivation in Cynicism

Rusakov Sergei Sergeevich

PhD in Politics

Educator, the department Humanitarian and Socio-Economic Disciplines, S. M. Kirov Military Medical Academy

194044, Russia, g. Saint Petersburg, ul. Akademika Lebedeva, 6

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Abstract: This article presents the analysis of the philosophy of the Cynics, dedicated to pursuit and conceptualization of the ideas of subjectivation. The concept of subjectivation, which can be found in the works of M. Foucault, still does not have a systemic and conceptual framework. One of the gaps determines in the works of French scholar is the disparate use philosophical ideas of the Cynics. An attempt is made to interpret the ideas of this philosophical trend for extracting the comprehensive model of subjectivation and outline the key techniques of “care of the self”. The article employs the translated sources, in the form of separate fragments written by the Cynics, as well as a number of analytical works carried out by Russian and foreign researchers. Alongside the method of historical and philosophical reconstruction, the work applies the comparative and analytical approach. The novelty consists in the attempt to describe the general ideas of the Cynics in the sphere of ethics and formulate the Cynic model of subjectivation for filling the existing gaps in corresponding writings of M. Foucault. Special attention is given to the following aspects: 1) identification of fundamental principles underlying the worldview of the Cynics; 2) formulation of subjectivation techniques that allow building the “selfhood”; 3) comparison and tracing the Cynic ideas borrowed by Platonism and Christianity.

Keywords: Antisphen, cynics, the care of the self, antiquity, subject, subjectication, Michel Foucault, Diogenes, Crates, parrhesia
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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