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Philosophical Thought

Deflationary comprehension of truth and the problems of substantiation of knowledge in neopragmatism

Dzhokhadze Igor' Davidovich

PhD in Philosophy

Head of the sector of Contemporary Western Philosophy, Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences

109240, Russia, Moscow, Goncharnaya Street 12/1, office #412

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On the example of “ethnocentrism” of R. Rorty, this article analyzes one of the most controversial and discussible in the modern philosophical literature versions of deflationary solution of the problem of truth and rational substantiation of knowledge. Opposing the metaphysical hypostatization of truth, considering it a ”mere concept”, the American philosopher, nevertheless, concedes the possibility of using the predicate of truth in the negatively-limited, fallibilistic meaning – as a cautionary reference to the future plausible refutation. Analysis of the concept alongside the discussions unfolding around it, allow concluding that in the question about truth, Rorty does not move far beyond from the pragmatism of C. S. Pierce, as he thinks he does. Virtually, in his gnoseology Rorty leans on Pierce’s theory of truth as a “final faith of scientific community; he does not decline transensus, a transition from “worse”, less substantiated and valid knowledge to the “better”, more substantiated and valid. From the perspective of common (scientific, philosophical, political, moral, etc.) sense, which may imply only one thing – approaching the objective truth.

Keywords: community, correspondence to reality, rational justification, pragmatism, truth, deflationism, objectivity, solidarity, ethnocentrism, Rorty
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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