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Philosophical Thought

Hypothesis of a communist subject in the philosophy of Alain Badiou

Alenevskiy Kirill Andreevich

Postgraduate student, the department of Philosophy of Science and Technology, Saint Petersburg State University

199034, Russia, g. Saint Petersburg, ul. Mendeleevskaya, 5




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Abstract: The subject of this research is the concept of subject in the philosophy of Alain Badiou. The author reveals the thesis on the subject of truth, different from human as an animal; as well as examines the modern ideology of humanism and human rights that support the existing anthropological trend of dehumanization, turning of human into an animal, driven by the principle of enjoyment foredooming humanity to death. Such state of things is a consequence of annihilation of the subject-object division and Cartesian philosophy of mind. The so-called “hypothesis of Communism” is viewed as an alternative, which describes Communism as an eternal idea, capable of realizing in the new historical circumstances. The author establishes a link between the theory of the subject of truth and the “Communist hypothesis” in the works of Alain Badiou. The research methodology contains the reconstruction of key positions of the concept of subject in the philosophy of Alain Badiou, and the analytics of the main development stages and criticism of the concept of subject in modern works dedicated to the anthropological dynamics of current civilization. The conclusion is made that the cognizing subject or the subject of truth has a hypothetical or unstable character of existence; turning of human into an animal annuls the figure of the rational and reformative in accordance with the truth of subject’s world. The thesis on elimination of division into the subject and object leads to a gradual animalization of a human. The criticism of such elimination is the consideration of subject as a result of the event-driven origination of truths in science, politics and art. The subject is viewed as possessing a character of exclusion from the sphere of bare life. Such approach advances a thought asserting the return of Communism.

Keywords: the сommunist hypothesis, representation, truth, idea, object, subject, bare life, postmodern philosophy, Cartesian meditations, event
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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