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Philosophical Thought

Religion in the conditions of the new-European subjectivity of classical and postmodern periods

Gizha Andrew Vladimirovich

PhD in Philosophy

Docent, the department of Philosophy, Donetsk National Technical University

83120, Ukraine, Donetskaya oblast', g. Donetsk, ul. N. Ostrovskogo, 26, kv. 55

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Abstract: This article examines the specificity of the religious form of social consciousness from the historical and meta-historical perspectives. It is defined by the distinctive features of Modern Time, which in one way or another are continued with the postmodern period. The enlightenment of Marxist criticism of religion is fair but incomplete, as it considers only sociopolitical factors of existence and functions of the religious form of activity and consciousness. A question is raised on the meta-historical content of religion that consists in the inherent to it experience of preconceptual cognition of the world. It carries a status of the ontologically established moral attitude, which in the abstract-unexpanded form underlies the establishment of the historically given sociality. The key method and principle of research is the logical-dialectic examination, unfolded historically and specified in essential regard. The main conclusions of the conducted research consist in reasoning on the marginalization taking place in the conditions of postmodernism of the enlightenment cultural-historical paradigm, reactualization of the rudiment naturalistic religious ideas, the historical role of religion as the prime genesis of supernatural cosmos of human existence, the need for re-structuralizing the glossary of theological discourse and conceptual revelation of the proto-experience of religious consciousness.

Keywords: naturalism, ontologization, estrangement, cognition, science, rationalism, religion, morality, value, postmodernism
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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