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Philosophical Thought

The role of philosophy in development of critical thinking: the experience of France
Nekhorosheva Ksenia

Post-graduate student, the department of Philosophy; Educator, the department of French Language, Moscow State Institute of International Relations

119607, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Ramenki, 9/4

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The object of this research is the study of philosophy as a discipline in modern France. The subject of this research is the development of the rational critical thinking in the context of philosophical course in modern France within problematic field of cultural self-identification. The author meticulously examines the impact of philosophy as a discipline that studied in French schools upon the development of critical thinking of the French authors, as well as the influence of rational philosophy, particularly Cartesianism, which principles are ingrained within the framework of the student course of philosophy on the cultural self-identification in France. The article applies the method of philosophical comparativistics, axiological and anthropological approaches, as well as general scientific principles of historicism and objectivity unity of historical and logical, ascent from the concrete to the abstract and the ascent from the abstract to the concrete. The main conclusion of the conducted research lies in the fact that philosophy, which in multiple aspect leans on the methodology of Cartesian school, is one of the essential subjects in the system of education in France, not only because in ingrains the general culture and basic values, but also teaches to organize the thinking process in accordance with certain order that irrevocably prevails in French tradition of expression of thoughts in the verbal and written forms.

Keywords: cultural identity, philosophy, cartesianism, Descartes, France, critical thinking, method, methodology, culture, axiomatics
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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