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Philosophical Thought

Hermeneutics of Aristotle as onto-logics

Kletskin Mikhail Vasil'evich

PhD in Philosophy


443080, Russia, Samara, Sanfirovoy Street 99

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Abstract: The subject of this research is the hermeneutics of Aristotle and apprehension of the place of modal logics within the structure of fundamental ontology. The author determines the difficulties and contradictions that faces the interpretation of Aristotle’s concept of the logics of nature, analyzes the correlation between the modal categories of “necessity”, “opportunity”, “truth”, and “reality”, as well as suggests the praxeological model of their unification. The reality implies materialization and necessity, but necessary is not always true, as it can also mean something compulsory outside the actual existence. It is also stated that without the temporal characteristics of the modality of existence are irrelevant, as the veracity of modal reasoning about anything is always viewed in present “as it is”. The author comes to a conclusion that the truth reveals the essential as valuable and always from the value (practical) perspective. Having analyzed the foundations of the modern analytical philosophy, the article demonstrates that the representations of logicians are defined by their ontological orientations. If in “Hermeneutics” Aristotle spoke about the existence as a whole, the logicians-analytics imply the existence of a particular sensual thing, i.e. the actual being, which narrows down the area of application of their “modal” logics.

Keywords: possibility, analytical philosophy, necessity, Aristotle, essential, truth, hermeneutics, Carnap, reality, consciousness
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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