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Philosophical Thought

Veritas non auctoritas facit legem* (on evolution of the concept of public sphere of J. Habermas

Parkhomenko Roman Nikolaevich

Doctor of Philosophy

Docent, the department of Philosophy and Culturology, Russian University of Transport

127994, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Obraztsova, d. 9, str. 9

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Abstract: The subject of this research is the concept of political public sphere considered in the works of J. Habermas. The article traces the emergence of the phenomenon of political publicity, which in Habermas’ opinion, initially appears as a requirement of the developing economy of Western countries. The political public sphere affected the formation of Anglo-Saxon model of the state that implied the primate of law and rational reasoning, as well as public discussion of the relevant economic and political questions. In accordance with the indicated paradigm of political thoughts, the appropriate in the state must coincide with the just. Methodology lies in examination of the works of Habermas, including the untranslated into the Russian language and relatively unknown in Russia. The main conclusion consists in the statement that Habermas believes that the legislation in democratic state must represent not a result of political will, but based on the rational agreement of all actors of the free market. Public sphere, therewith, is called to bring more transparency into the democratic process of decision-making in the state.

Keywords: Habermas, power, law, democracy, liberalism, state, public sphere, policy, society, philosophy
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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