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Philosophical Thought

World and human in the concepts of ontological personalism: Wilhelm Leibniz and Max Scheler

Krasikov Vladimir Ivanovich

Doctor of Philosophy

Professor, Scientific Center, All-Russian State University of Justice

115184, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Bol'shaya Tatarskaya, 7, kv. 64

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Abstract: The goal of this work consists in the comparative analysis of the world-building schemes of ontological personalism of Wilhelm Leibniz and Max Scheler. The author thoroughly examines the conceptual scheme of world structure of Leibinz, underlining certain modifications that later were introduced by his successors. Particular attention is given to the analysis of Scheler’s original teaching, in which there character of interaction between the main ontological factors is changed. Thus, the author pursues correlation between the models of human behavior in the world of Leibniz and Scheler that differ, although their ontological models are similar. This difference is explained by the change in sociocultural continuum, in which takes place the search of the meaning of life. Personalistic understanding of the reality and corresponding forms of human self-determination in it, perhaps most appropriately reflect the necessary-universal essence of metaphysics. The author compares the ontological schemes of personalism of Leibinz and Scheler by reviewing the modification options of their key components. The connection is established between the ontological suggestions and deriving from them forms of human self-determination. It is demonstrated that the similar world-building schemes can lead to different worldview conclusions due to the radical sociocultural changes.

Keywords: Jacques Maritain, Max Scheler, Wilhelm Leibniz, ontology schemes, metaphysics, personalism, Semyon Frank, self-determination, freedom, communication
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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