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Philosophical Thought

Fiction as a method of philosophy
Mekhed Gleb Nikolaevich

PhD in Philosophy

Docent, the department of Philosophy, the faculty of Social and Humanitarian Sciences, Bauman Moscow State Technical University

105082, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Rubtsovskaya Nab., 2/18, of. 733

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This article reviews and critically analyzes the popular among some contemporary scholars and philosophers point of view, according to which fiction lacks any knowledgeable function, and thus, only “the serious” scientific and scientific-popular literature is able to answer the “eternal questions”. Polemicizing with the similar scientist approach, the author refers to the rational critical metaphilosophy, within the framework of which the “eternal questions” pertain to pursuit of philosophy rather than science. The work substantial the problem-dynamic understanding of philosophy as the core of critical rationality, and therefore – metatheoretical core of the science itself. From such metaphilosophical perspective, the author examines the works of F. M. Klinger and F. M. Dostoyevsky, proving the possibility of existence of a specific literary-philosophical method, which is the most relevant for the analysis of ethical issues. Based on the C. McGinn’s opinion, the author justifies the point of view, according to which, fiction is able to perform the role of mental laboratory in philosophy. In reference to the certain most complicated for the philosophical analysis problems, fiction possesses even richer and more suitable range of methods for understanding of these issues.

Keywords: Nagel, thought experiment, science, metaphilosophy, ethics, Klinger, Dostoevsky, Fiction, McGinn, Nikonov
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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