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Philosophical Thought

Empiriocriticism of A. A. Bogdanov and its importance in modern science
Loktionov Mikhail

Doctor of Philosophy

leading research assistant at Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences

109240, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Goncharnaya, 12, str.1, kab. 202

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The subject of this research is the biography and creative work of A. A. Bogdanov – the brightest representative of the early XX century, prominent participant of the revolutionary movement in Russia, interesting philosopher-empiriocriticist, creator of the universal organization science Tektology, famous interpreter and speculative fiction writer, and founder of the idea of proletarian culture. The article demonstrates his role in formation of the modern scientific ideas about the natural and humanitarian sciences, as well as his importance as a forerunner of the existing understanding of the ideas of dynamical equilibrium and self-development. The main conclusion of the conduced research consists in undeservingly forgotten contribution of this scholar into the development of Russian science and culture, as well as establishment of such scientific disciplines, as cybernetics, general theory of systems, synergetics, equilibrium theory, theory of autopoiesis, and dynamical systems theory.

Keywords: God-Building, Proletarian culture, Autopoiesis, Homeostasis, Synergetics, Cybernetics, General theory of systems, Universal organization science, Tektology, Empiriocriticism
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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