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Philosophical Thought

Recognition and cultural deformation of personality in Nancy Fraser’s philosophy

KOZHUKHOVSKIY Pavel Sergeevich

Post-graduate student, the department of philosophy, Far Eastern Federal University

690950, Russia, Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok, O. Russkiy Street, Campus, Ayaks - 10

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Abstract: The subject of this research is such aspect of social philosophy as the philosophy of recognition. Over the two recent decades, a growing number of the philosophers and political scientists started considering the recognition of personality a promising basis for participation in the moral criticism of social life. Nancy Fraser utters strong doubts regarding the critical potential of the personality recognition theories due to the fact that they encourage the simplification of personal identity to cultural identity. The article attempts to demonstrate the drastic distinction between Nancy Fraser’s philosophy and philosophy of other representatives of the problematic of recognition. The study applies the hermeneutic methodology; problem-thematic analysis and interpretation of material; structural-functional, historical, and comparative-historical methods. The main conclusion of the conducted research consists in the relevance of problematic set by Nancy Fraser. Unfortunately, the modern Russian philosophical thought does not give proper attention to the problem of recognition, although in the West, such problematic is quite popular and one of the most discussed.

Keywords: Feminism, Philosophy of justice, Justice, Social philosophy, Liberal philosophy, Modern philosophy, Philosophy of freedom, Political philosophy, Struggle for recognition, Nancy Fraser
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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