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Philosophical Thought

Voltaire vs Rousseau

Dlugach Tamara Borisovna

Doctor of Philosophy

Chief Scientific Associate, the department of History of Western Philosophy, Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences

109240, Russia, Moscow, Goncharnaya Street 12, building #1

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Abstract: The author pursues correlation between the views of the two prominent representatives of French Age of Enlightenment  of Voltaire and Rousseau regarding all directions of their versatile efforts, as well as determines their equal importance for the European culture. Protection of interests of the entire Third Estate and all nation of Rousseau in some aspects concedes, and in some supersedes Voltaire’s idea of increasing the amount of highly educated people, because it is mostly aimed at establishment of class of the workers that are in demand in modern time. The requirements for realization of the democratic reforms of Rousseau overweighs the orientation towards the enlightened absolutism of Voltaire, but is ahead of its time; protection of sciences and arts of Voltaire is rather equivalent to the Rousseau’s absolutization of morality. The author concludes that the ironic fine humor of Voltaire cannot be placed higher or lower that the deep pathetic reasoning of Rousseau; and religious optimism of Rousseau does not affect the skeptical optimism of Voltaire. Both thinkers are so unlike, but equally important to France and Europe.

Keywords: King, Freedom of thought, Sentimentalism, Tragedy, History, Private property, Absolutism, Public agreement, Education, God
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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