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Philosophical Thought

Anthropological aspect of global cosmopolitan world

Napso Marianna Davletovna

Professor, the department of Philosophy and Humanitarian Disciplines, North Caucasian State Humanitarian Technological Academy

369000 Russia, Cherkessk, Pereulok Odessky 5, unit #88

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Abstract: The object of this article is the peculiarities of the global cosmopolitan world, while the subject is its anthropological aspect. The author traces the similarity and difference, positive and negative sides of the process of globalization and cosmopolitanization, the demand of the latter by the modern realities, correlation, as well as correlation between the local, cosmopolitan, and global. The work examines the influence of global values and cosmopolitan worldview upon the individual and collective consciousness and sphere of ethnicity. The author also explores the effect of the processes of unification, and standardization, homogenization upon the existence of an individual and society, as well as reveals the influence of orientations of the consumer society on the changes of anthropological nature. The scientific novelty consists in the number of positions: 1) globalization and cosmopolitism as the universal phenomena meet the demand of the modern development; 2) both, globalization and cosmopolitanism contain risks, which infuse them with ambivalence, the manifestations of which depend on specificity of the context – historical and social.

Keywords: Internet, identity, locality, homogenity, universality, generality, cosmopolitanism, globalization, individual, social networks
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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