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Philosophical Thought

Ontology of subject of a historical action: paradigmatic exhaustiveness of the past and variations of the future

Gizha Andrew Vladimirovich

PhD in Philosophy

Docent, the department of Philosophy, Donetsk National Technical University

83120, Ukraine, Donetskaya oblast', g. Donetsk, ul. N. Ostrovskogo, 26, kv. 55

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Abstract: This article examines the formation of ontology of human world, which carries a historical-paradigmatic character. The structure of philosophical discourse that has a triadic form of realization was previously specified. The author indicates a noticeable discrepancy between the achieved concretion of a philosophical thought and its practical demand in society. This, in turn, leads to an inevitable one-sidedness and deficiency of the thought itself alongside the social practice, when development of societies is defined by the increscent dominant matrix-paradigmatic aggressiveness and general deception. This is namely the form of ontological obscurity, which intensifies prior to the historical liberation or dawn. The author asserts the semantic exhaustiveness of the existing paradigmatic foundation of historical-civilizational movement, which carries a natural character. Exit into the humanistically sensible future is possible by the virtue of shifting towards the paradigm of human  existence, which is intelligible in the context of rational practice. Outside the subject application of its theorizations, philosophy cannot consider its action accomplished, but currently it is not even on the agenda.  

Keywords: philosophical discourse, falsity, future, past, ontology, historical subject, paradigm, matrix, fundamental question of philosophy, modernity
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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