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Philosophical Thought

Axiomatic prerequisites of ostensibility of the discourse of socio-humanitarian studies
Gizha Andrew Vladimirovich

PhD in Philosophy

Docent, the department of Philosophy, Donetsk National Technical University

83120, Ukraine, Donetskaya oblast', g. Donetsk, ul. N. Ostrovskogo, 26, kv. 55

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The object of this research is the relevant problems of methodology of cognition of the socio-humanitarian disciplines, substantiated primarily by the conceptual openness of historical processes and cultural systems.  Special attention is given to highlighting and typification of the main prerequisites of reasoning of this matter, which as a rule, differ by weak reflexivity, but carry an imperative status of preliminary axiomatics. The author determine the initial prerequisites that lead to disruption of the semantic conceptual coherence of the conducted discourse. Due to this fact, emerges the question about the corresponding terminological discursive language, referential to being complex (open) systems. Philosophical method of concretization of the introduced notions is applied in the context of realization of the axiomatic reduction. Its success is defines by the possibility of conduction an actual textual analysis based on the corresponding characteristic texts. The main conclusion of this work consist in the thesis that the crucial factor of the openness of sociocultural systems establishes the limit of applicability of the natural scientific research methodologies, which use a mandatory procedure of formalization of an object in terms of the experimental scheme and mathematical modelling. Attempts of the direct formalization in social works lead to ineradicable abstractness, and thus, dogmatism of interpretations. The author analyses the two main types of ostensible axiomatics, which result in the lack of accurateness of the humanitarian research. The first derives from the deformation of conceptual description of the system, while the second emerges due to the nonvanishing practice of neo-scholastic theorization.

Keywords: alienation, direct intentionality, axiom, space, time, socio-humanitarian research, methodology, discourse, ostensible axiomatics, theorization
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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