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Philosophical Thought

Socrates – Alain Badiou: the parallels of ethical discourse
Chernenko Vladimir Aleksandrovich

PhD in Philosophy

Associate professor of the Department of Philosophy and Political Studies at Kharkiv National University of Economics

61157, Ukraine, g. Khar'kov, ul. Ak. Bogomol'tsa, 41

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The object of this research is the ethical discourses of Socratic philosophy and “Ethics” (published in 2003; translated to Russian in 2006) of the modern French philosopher Alain Badiou. The subject of this research is the conceptual parallels, which emerge between them as a result of similar ontological, gnoseological, and ethnical orientations of the Ancient Greek philosopher and our contemporary. For both, Socrates and Badiou, the initial property of humanness consists in ability towards the impartial interest in the search of ethos (consistent) foundation of the Universe. This, in turn, institutionalizes human as a creature, in which his animalistic beginning can be disrupted or canceled by the faithfulness of the truth, which being excessive with regards to our biologically temporal nature, forms our subjectness capable of immortality. The author concludes that ethical discourse of the Socratic dialogues and A. Badiou’s “Ethics” reveal similar conceptual parallels:Infinite otherness (multiplicity);Truth is indifferent to differences;We possess an ability to be what is called by certain truth towards own identity;There is no ethics except the ethics of processes of the truth (science, love, art, politics or Good – Truth – Beauty);Immortal in human appears as the position of impartial interest in the World as a purposeful self-worth;Tension of the moral discourse lies in horizon of the constant choice between the ethics of endless/necessary; real/possible;Truth can manifest itself only in the dialogue (polylogue). Truths make their singular penetration [percee] only through the fabric of opinions. We all need to communicate...It is we ourselves, as ourselves, who expose ourselves to the becoming-subject…Every absolutization of the power of a truth organizes an Evil.

Keywords: subject, immortality, self-worth, true, teleology, morality, ethos, ethics, faithfulness, personality



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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