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Philosophical Thought

Final judgement of philosophy
Varava Vladimir Vladimirivich

Doctor of Philosophy

Professor, Department of Philosophy and Theology, Moscow Orthodox Institute of St. John the Theologian

127030, Russia, g. Moscow, per. Chernyshevskogo, 11 A


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This article presents the reasoning on the state of the modern Russian philosophy based on the analysis of the third volume of the ontology “Who Makes Contemporary Philosophy in Russia” compiled by A. S. Nilogov. The author underlines the polyphony of the contemporary Russian thought that functions alongside philosophy: linguistics, literature studies, mathematics, music, political science, psychology, publicity, semiotics, sociology, futurology, etc. The prospects of the harmonious Russian thought in the context of modern culture are being determined. Methodology of this research is based on the analysis of opinions of the separate thinkers, as well as on determination of the general conceptual space of the modern Russian thought. The author makes the following conclusions: 1. The contemporary Russian thought does not represent a unified conceptual space; 2. A slight connection to the classical Russian philosophy is being detected; 3. Majority of the authors are concerned about the linguistic issues as the main problems of philosophy; 4. The author’s contribution consists in the fact that he was able to combine various conceptual lines of the modern intellectual space of Russia.

Keywords: modern Russian philosophy, philosophical community, philosophical culture, human, language, semiotics, political discourse, anthropological discourse, philosophy and culture, social mission of philosophy



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

Kto segodnya delaet filosofiyu v Rossii. [Tekst]: v 3 t. / Avtor-sostavitel' A. S. Nilogov. Tom III : 736 c.: il. – M.: OOO «Sam Poligrafist», 2015. ISBN 978-5-00077-143-3.
Kto segodnya delaet filosofiyu v Rossii. [Tekst]: v 3 t. / Avtor-sostavitel' A. S. Nilogov. Tom II : 528 c. – M.: Agraf, 2011. ISBN 978-5-7784-0405-2.
Kto segodnya delaet filosofiyu v Rossii. [Tekst]: v 3 t. / Avtor-sostavitel' A. S. Nilogov. Tom I : 576 c.: il. – M.: Pokolenie, 2007. ISBN 978-5-9763-0049-1.
Kalitin, P. V. Kraeugol'nyi kamen' pravoslavnoi istoricheskoi nauki [Tekst] / P. V. Kalitin // Mitropolit Evgenii (Bolkhovitinov). «Slovar' istoricheskii o byvshikh v Rossii pisatelyakh dukhovnogo china Greko-Rossiiskoi Tserkvi». [podgot. teksta, sost. i predisl. – kand.filos.nauk P. V. Kalitin]. – M.: «Russkii Dvor», Svyato-Troitskaya Sergieva Lavra, 1995. – 416 s. ISBN 5-88752-001-9.
Levinas, E. O Morise Blansho [Tekst] / Emanyuel' Levinas; [sost. i per. s fr. V. E. Lapitskogo]. – SPb.: Machina, 2009. – 118 c. (Kriticheskaya biblioteka). ISBN 978-5-90141-050-9.
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