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Philosophical Thought

Ethnos in the context of philosophical-anthropological knowledge
Shazhinbatyn Ariunaa

PhD in Philosophy

Doctoral canditate, the department of History of Anthropological Studies, the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences

109240, Russia, Moscow, Goncharnaya Street 12, building #1



In this article the author attempts to examine the phenomenon of ethnos from the perspective of the philosophical comprehension of a human. Ethnos represent the form of social union of people. In this regard, it is relevant to study historical paths of ethnos within the framework of social philosophy. However, it is quite difficult to understand the inner strength and “resilience” of this phenomenon without the use of philosophical-anthropological knowledge. Despite of the multiple forecasts concerning the near end of ethnic formations and their dissolve in the global flow, the experts face the “stubborn” preservation of “call of the blood”. Finding themselves in the new historical realm, ethnoses attain an unexpected identity, but it certainly does not end up zeroed out. The core of this article is the general philosophical comprehension of human nature. This work represents the first attempt within the post-Kantian philosophy to examine the basic characteristics of ethnos through the prism of philosophical anthropology; it allowed expanding the horizon of philosophical reflection regarding the ethnic issues, and re-analyzing a number of topics on ethnic knowledge.

Keywords: ethnos, human, philosophical anthropology, superethnos, culture, ethnology, human nature, sociality, constructivism, society, ethnos, human, philosophical anthropology, superethnos, culture, ethnology, human nature, sociality, constructivism, society



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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