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Philosophical Thought

Transcendence as the ontological horizon of scientific discourse (Heidegger's philosophy of science)
Faritov Vyacheslav Tavisovich

Doctor of Philosophy

professor of the Department of Philosophy at Ulyanovsk State Technical University

432027, Russia, Ul'yanovskaya oblast', g. Ul'yanovsk, ul. Severnyi Venets, 32

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The subject of the study is the specificity of the interpretation of the phenomenon of science in the doctrine Martin Heidegger. Since the approaches to understanding of being as such, Heidegger begins with the development of existential analysts, before this study is twofold purpose. First, the interpretation of the phenomenon of science as a modus of human existence, that is, as the way in which things become accessible to man in his being. The study revealed the existential-ontological and metaphysical bases of scientific knowledge. Second, we show how the phenomenon of science represents being as such or transcendence.Along with the traditional methodology used in the article methodological arsenal of non-classical philosophy: hermeneutics, semiotics and deconstruction.The main result of the study is the explication of the ontological base of scientific knowledge in the context of fundamental ontology of M. Heidegger. Ontological foundation of science is to present things as objectivity, existing outside and independent of human existence. It follows that science is one of one of the modes of being in the world, or transcendence. Science is the way in which things become available in being human.

Keywords: truth, existence, modus, ontology, transcendence, being, science, Heidegger, metaphysical foundation, phenomenology



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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