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Philosophical Thought

The Role of the Rational Logic and Intuition in Scientific Work

Katunin Aleksandr Viktorovich

post-graduate student of the Department of the Theory of Knowledge at Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences

119991, Russia, Moscow, str. Volkhonka 14, bld. 5, of. 407




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For all years of judgment of a problem of creativity of people faces a number of problems: who acts as the subject of creativity, is creativity conscious process, or originates in the unconscious; from where the person scoops resources for creativity; what criteria of an assessment of creative process, whether creativity and if it is possible how is possible to measure? In article it is about a role of logical and intuitive aspects in the course of creating scientific work on the example of classical science. In this article the author uses the following methods of research: comparative and historical analysis, analogy, classification, generalization, synthesis. In article it is shown that in the course of scientific creativity logiko-rational and intuitive aspects mutually supplementing each other form uniform harmonous system. And if by means of logical tools the scientist accumulates and develops knowledge that allows to make continuous and uniform motion to certain results, thanks to intuition and the intellectual sensitivity accompanying it there is a transfer of information in area realized, the interpretation of images promoting specification and justification of the theory in general; break as a result of the saved-up experience/knowledge.

Keywords: artwork, unconscious, insight, scientific discovery, rationality, logic, intuition, scientific work, efficiency, accumulated knowledge
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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