Статья 'Ценность как метод познания социальной действительности и ее практического преобразования: Г.Риккерт и П.Л.Лавров.' - журнал 'Философская мысль' - NotaBene.ru
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Philosophical Thought

Value as a Method of Studying Social Reality and its Practical Transformation: G. Rickert and P. Lavrov

Yudin Aleksandr Il'ich

Doctor of Philosophy

professor at Tambov State Technical University

Tambov State Technical University, Department of History and Philosophy, Tambov, Michurinskaya str. 112. 

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Abstract: In article the historical and comparative analysis of a problem of values in philosophy of neokantian philosopher G. Rickert and the populist P. L. Lavrov is given. Value of valuable approach for development of methodology of social and humanitarian knowledge by G. Rickert is shown. Specifics of interpretation of neokantian gnoseology are opened by P. Lavrov. The conclusion that in Lavrov's philosophy value carries out not only gnoseological, but also social function is drawn. The problem of a subjective method is analysed. The conclusion that the subjective method at Lavrov acted not only as a learning tool of social reality, but also as a way of updating of social activity of the personality, a way of updating of practical transformation of social reality is drawn. Principle of historicism, principle of the historical and comparative analysis are applied. Method of dialectic unity historical and logical, abstract and concrete. Hermeneutical methodology, method of the hermeneutic circle are also used. Thus, if Rickert offered a system of values, or reference to value acts as methodological criterion for classification of single historical events, Lavrov offered a system of values not only gnoseological category, but also methodological criterion of "creativity of public forms", practical change of social reality.Lavrov's position differs in a pronounced antropologism and a personalism. The person brings the purpose and the sense constructed on values in society. The person, thus, influences the world, will transform it on a basis developed by it systems of values. Everything depends on the person, system of values which he develops, the world which it will transform on the basis of the values developed by it.

Keywords: Neo-Kantianism, Narodnichestvo, value-based approach, idiographic sciences, subjective method, historical law, culture, critically thinking personality, creativity of social forms, practical transformation
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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