' (1602 - 1680) // . 51. (2002). 4. . 313-345. (. ) [1 ] Andreas Resch ATHANASIUS KIRCHER (1602 1680) // Borderlands für Wissenschaft 51. (2002). 4. S. 313-345. Institut Veröffentlichung fur grenzgebiete der wissenschaft (Insbruck). ' - ' ' - NotaBene.ru
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Philosophical Thought

Andreas Resch Athanasius Kircher (1602 - 1680) // Borderline Sciences. Issue No. 51 (2002). No. 4. P. 313 - 345. Published by Institute for Studying Boderline Directions in Development of Science (Innsbruck)

Lipov Anatolii Nikolaevich

PhD in Philosophy

research assistant at Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences

119 330, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Mosfil'movskaya, 41, of. 54






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Abstract: The translation of the scientific article is devoted to research of life and research activity of the Jesuit Afanasius Kirkher (1602 – 1680) - the German scientist –polymath, the inventor, "the scientist with world reputation", to the universal genius in the history of science: in cultural areas, divinity and different "innovative" activity which hasn't equal on completeness and universality of scientific knowledge. Kirkher was at the same time the inventor, the composer, the geographer, the geologist, the Egyptologist, the historian, the traveler, the philosopher, the owner of one of the first public museums, the physicist, the mathematician, the astronomer, the archeologist and the author more than 40 large published works. Article represents first and the fullest scientific translation from German in Russia of the published scientific research devoted to the scientist - to the theologian from the quarterly magazine "Borderline Researches in the field of Science" which is the edition of institute with the similar name of theologians and psychologists of area of SouthernTyrol in Austria (Innsbruck) [1] devoted to research of the interdisciplinary areas designated in terms of the Russian science as paranormal areas of consciousness and mentality. The translation meets a lack in the history of science of multilateral research activity of the outstanding scientist as Kirkher as Newton, Boyle, Leibniz and Descartes' contemporary, didn't take the lawful place in the history of scientific knowledge for the reason that owing to the ability of anticipation in due time as the Jesuit and the theologian he tried to combine some provisions of the Bible and secular, scientific gnoseology in a uniform view of the world. With considerable delay the scientific world recognized an unilaterality only traditionally - the scientific point of view on a peace arrangement and began to give more and more attention in the history of science to that scientists who aspired to the most complete idea of space and earthly world order.

Keywords: Organum Mathematicum, Musurgia Universalis, Magnes SIVE de, inventor of musical devices, mechanic and theorician of music, expert in Oriental and Egyptian studies, astronomer, theologist and inventor, German polymath, Athanasius Kircher
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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