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Philosophical Thought

Traditional Values and Russian Liberailsm in G. Fedotov's Creative Work

Shchuplenkov Nikolai Olegovich

senior lecturer, Department of History, Law and Social Disciplines of the Stavropol State Pedagogical Institute

357600, Russia, Essentuki, ul. Dolina Roz, 7.

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Abstract: In article creativity of the famous Russian scientist G. P. Fedotov is analyzed. Religious vision of history by G. P. Fedotov was defined by the wide horizon of comprehensive culture as which part the real church acted, and the Christianity clothed in cultural style of an era. Therefore its formula said: "From the world — in Church, from Church — to the world". The church was understood by it, first of all, as the Christ's mystical Body in which everyone has to act as a sorabotnik Bozhiim. Thereby the personality allocated with a free will was put in the forefront. History as process lost the purpose because the last isn't given, and is set to everyone. But the unity of a task for all gave it universal character and was a basis for "common cause", so and for generality. G. P. Fedotov's view of history was tragic. According to laws of a genre of the tragedy the death of the hero caused by the inevitable conflict, fight against the evil in itself or in world around led to clarification. A form of such clarification was the repentance. Thereby the tragic element of history opened in its knowledge acted as a courage educational tool because without it it is impossible to look fool in the face to death.Relying on set of historical and cultural methods and receptions, the author of article put emphasis on identification and disclosure of historical and cultural aspects of publications of the scientist. In particular, in article use of interdisciplinary methods of research in methodological system of Fedotov is analyzed, the concept of historical and cultural dynamics of the Russian society and prospects of its democratic transformation are considered.At difficult synthetic character of its doctrine, G. P. Fedotov as the political thinker on set of his ideas treats rather the conservative direction of political thought as rejects any manifestations of the radicalism and daydreaming based on the abstract principles, and in creation of the political and philosophical concept relies on the principles of realistic policy, traditional Christian ideals and deep respect for historical experience. Its conservatism thus can be defined as "liberal" as in its concept, along with values of Christian traditions and public solidarity, protection of the rights and personal freedoms has the extreme importance.

This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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