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Bobrova A.V., Abassi A. - pp. 31-44


Nikolaeva M.V. - To the Question of Improving Financial Support Mechanism of Road Infrastructure pp. 81-90


Abstract: The object of the study is the financial mechanism of the road sector at various levels of government. The subject of the study is the financial and economic relations arising in the process of raising road funds. The author examines such aspects as the legal basis for the functioning of road funds in Russia and the history of road funds in Russian and foreign experience of road financing. Particular attention is paid to public private partnerships, as foreign and domestic practice shows that this tool is an effective way of financial support of public road facilities. In the course of the research and presentation of the material the following methodological approaches have been used: general scientific (system and materialistic) methods and specific research methods (analysis, synthesis and system comparison).  The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author has developed recommendations and proposals in improving the financial security of road facilities. The study leads to several conclusions. Firstly, the legal basis for the functioning of road funds is established by Article 179.4 of the RF Budget Code. Road funds are created in Russia at the federal, regional and municipal levels. Secondly, financial support of the road sector through developing road funds is quite popular in the world. The main conclusion of the research is that the road funds should not be the sole source of funding for the road sector in our country, there is a certain need for additional sources.
Savel'ev A.A. - Financial Management of the Municipal District 'Kaluga City': Problems and Solutions pp. 90-102


Abstract: The object of the research is the municipal district 'Kaluga City'. The subject of the research is the process of raising funds and financial management at the local level. The purpose of the research is to analyze the financial management at the local level and to develop directions for reinforcing the financial basis of a municipal district based on the example of the Municipal District 'Kaluga City'. The author f the article pays special attention to the theoretical grounds of financial management as well as analysis of the mechanism of raising revenues and expenditures in the system of local financial management in the municipal district 'Kaluga City'. The following methods of economic research have been used: abstract-logical, economic-statistical methods, systematization method, analysis of actual documentation, empirical analysis, elements of structure functional analysis as well as methods of collection and analysis of information. The following problems have been determined in the course of the research: low level of the financial expalanation of decisions, high dependence of local budgets on the financial support received from other budgets of the Russian Federation, unclear budgetary policies, low interest of the administration of municipal districts in the region's development, disrepancy between profitable sources and expenditure powers of municipal units. 
Vasil'eva I.S. - Economic Approaches to Assessing Health Care Costs pp. 91-99


Abstract: The object of research is the system of health care financing in the Russian Federation. The subject of the study is organizational and economic relations arising in the process of ensuring the financial health. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of the relationship between the level of public health and the economy of the state, considering it in two basic aspects (the impact of the health of citizens and the health care system on the welfare of the population and the economy, the impact of economic development of society on health and health care). In the process of learning and processing materials for the research results the following economic research methods were used: the abstract-logical method of expert assessments, elements of structure-function analysis and statistical and mathematical methods. Based on the results of the study the authors concluded that under current conditions the term "health care system" farther away from the framework defined by the concept of "the system of diagnosis and treatment." Currently topical health problems include development of healthy lifestyle, comfortable environment and creating conditions for effective work and leisure that will prevent the development of diseases, especially those that cause premature death and disability of the population. At the same time, the private health care system is actively developing. This is the system created by legal entities and individual health care organizations, pharmaceutical organizations and other organizations active in the field of health care.
Dolmatova N.G. - Financial and Legal Means of Budgetary Security as a Form of State Financial Security pp. 103-110


Abstract: The subject of the research is the process, mechanism and system of budgetary security as well as particular threats thereto. Budgetary security is viewed as a form of state financial security. In her research Dolmatova outlines structural elements of the budgetary security system such as actors and legal means of budgetary security as well as the object of budgetary security. The purpose of the research is to analyze doctrinal views on budgetary security, to define gaps and contradictions in the current legislation of the Russian Federation, make suggestions on how to improve legal acts regulating budgetary security, etc. The methodological basis of the research includes general research methods such as systems analysis, dialectical method, analysis and synthesis, inductive and deductive methods, and special research methods such as legislastic and historical methods, referring to other sciences, etc. As a result of the research, the author describes drawbacks in the sphere of legal regulation of budgetary security and application of financial and legal means of social security. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author offers her own definitions of 'budgetary security', 'provision of budgetary security', and 'financial and legal means of budgetary security'. The author of the article concludes that there is a need in legal confirmation of budgetary security as the target of state (municipal) financial control. The author also describes the sytem of budgetary security and gives the list of threats to budgetary security. 
Fedorova O.S. - Single Budget Account: Concept and Essence pp. 122-129


Abstract: The object of the research is a single budget account. The subject of the research includes theoretical and methodological aspects of the single budget account. The author examines the methodological principles of the single treasury account as well as opportunities of the Federal Treasury in a single treasury account during the transition to a new information technology (related to the arrangement of the centralized operational control over the time and transfer of funds to recipients, prompt preparation of all reported data for the execution of the expenditure part of the federal budget in the territory of the Russian Federation, etc.). Particular attention is paid to existing approaches to the contents of the technologies of the single treasure account. In her research the author has applied the following methodological approaches: general scientific (systems and materialistic) methodologies and scientific research methods (analysis, synthesis and system comparison). The main conclusion of the research is related to the creation of actual preconditions for effective management of the single treasure account and benefits associated with the introduction of the single treasury account in conjunction with the activities of preliminary and current control over the targeted use of funds. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author has studied the poorly studied question about the nature and significance of the single treasury account of the budget under modern conditions. The results can be used by the treasury and financial bodies.
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