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Contents of Issue № 03/2019
Financial markets
Sidorov A.A. - Utility function of an investor as the instrument of formation and assessment of an investment portfolio pp. 1-11


Abstract: This article explores the question of defining the utility function of an investor within the framework of solving of investor’s problem. Due to their characteristic features, the securities afford an opportunity to the financial market participants to implement various focus strategies in the area of investment management. The basic idea of investment decision-making implies the optimization of utility as a method for achieving the utmost possible utility within the existing budget. The final solution of optimization process is the conclusion on the content and volume of procured products and services at a particular price, and represents consumer choice. Due to popularity of portfolio investment, the analysis of approaches towards modeling of the investor’s preferences is of great practical and theoretical interest. Theoretical models for analyzing the investor’s preferences, namely the utility function, comprise the subject of this research. It is established that in the context of economic practice, from the investors’ perspective, application of the utility function tools is complicated and requires improvement, because is extremely difficult to interpret the interrelation of any securities with others, due to the reason that investment appeal of the assets is affected by an entire set of factors, and the question of their determination or comparison is yet insufficiently studied. Based on examination and critical approach to scientific works of the founders and successors of the portfolio theory, as well as their perception of the elements of the utility function, the author suggests ways for improving the considered approach.
Question at hand
Dashieva B.S. - pp. 12-21


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